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There tons of folks...their own reasons....just want an email romance. "If you're not to busy this week, would you like to meet up and grab a bite to eat or a drink? But, that was the end of the conversation with her.

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Is it like actors in a movie where you fall in love, or in lust, almost be default? But all this begs the question: if you've been instructed on exactly how to run your hands up and down a woman to make her feel sexy, does that make the chemistry more or less real?A new partnership has formed, one based around their son.Three years later, Salé and Pelletier both live in the same neighbourhood in Edmonton, where they raise their son together. It’s our family and we make it so it’s enjoyable for everyone. Because, in the end, it’s a choice.” Choice is important for Pelletier because, growing up, he didn’t have a lot of it.Virtue/Pelletier had been spotted in the same confirming circumstances fans always "spot" rumored skating duos: to wit: in the vicinity of a major competition holding hands, gazing at each other, and kissing.* (I must circle back and see if a poster who, with amazing quickness, managed to acquire the inside scoop on Igor's dismissal from Canton** was among the fortunate who "spotted" David/Tessa and/or other rumored skating couples.The same posters always get lucky in the same way on repeated occasions- or they always have a friend or friends who are both fortunately placed and blessed with wonderful timing.) As promised, Sale & Pelletier carried on with their skating partnership; David tweeting his appreciation when Sale chipped in on Battle of the Blades (and David and his partner won).yesterday that announced Jamie Sale and David Pelletier’s plans to divorce, my mind went many directions of sad. here’s what I wrote in my Then there’s that shot NBC took of Sale/Pelletier up in the broadcast booth, watching in dead silence as a “response” to their music being revived. Together, they’re as much of a franchise as any pairs team in recent memory—and maybe ever, in light of all the press received by the judging scandal. Does anyone out there remember when Sonny and Cher tried to continue their very popular TV variety show after they’d divorced? the way they related on camera carried a new sort of sting; the mild digs in the name of humor were almost painful to watch.

The pair won gold at salt lake olympics were married, had a baby, then divorced but continued to skate professionally and now they are preparing to stop skating and go separate ways.

On a Wednesday, Jamie Salé is just about to head into a Pilates class.

Her hair is haphazardly tied in a ponytail and she walks toward me with the same energy that once graced the ice during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.

After their split, Salé and Pelletier continued to skate together professionally until they retired in 2012.

Nowadays, the romance might be gone, but the respect remains.