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In early Feb 2014 it was only displaying the first 3 sections of the Flash version number, which has 4 sections. As of May 2015, the bug was back, it reported only that v17.0.0 was installed.

The bug still existed July 15, 2015 (Chrome on Windows 7 reported that version 18.0.0 was installed).

Finally, once it’s working, you may want to uncheck the “Unknown sources” option once again to keep your phone or tablet secure.

So there you have it -- Flash support on your Android device.

They are all free, of course: Where to Download Browsers: Did you know?

You can view flash content (including games) on i Pads, other tablets, and smart phones, using the free Puffin browser.

From today, for some new devices, Adobe Flash Player will no longer be available from Google Play, marking the end of Flash’s brief flirtation with Android.

In both cases it says that Flash should be updated automatically, so fuggedaboutit, you're fine.

I was wondering how I can install the adobe flashplayer from this site: I have no experience with the formats that are available there.

There is no version of it there and I need the flashplayer for Opera.

Before we begin, make sure you understand the risks associated with running the now-unsupported Adobe Flash on your device -- About phone / About tablet to see what you’re running.

If you’re on Jelly Bean, check that you have a stock browser installed besides Google Chrome, as Chrome for Android doesn’t support Flash.