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They encouraged others to do the same, and while they received several confused looks, most onlookers supported the cause by joining the protest against pants or offering encouraging words.

Students advocated No Pants Day outside the Regenstein Library this Friday by removing their pants and chanting anti-pants themed slogans.

Their program, Open the Doors, specifically targets the stigma associated with schizophrenia.

The authors point out that "The stigma attached to mental illness is the greatest obstacle to the improvement of the lives of people with mental illness and their families." The implied significance of this is that the single most important advance for improving the lives of persons with schizophrenia will not come from the laboratory; it will come from changes in society.

Why did they not merely say "September 11," which would have been easier to understand?

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On a related note, there are people who think that warrantless wiretaps are not really so bad, arguing that innocent people have nothing to hide.Schmidt, MD, from the National Institute of Mental Health in Rockville, Maryland, and colleagues."The adrenal androgen and neurosteroid DHEA is available as over-the-counter hormonal therapy and previously has been reported to have antidepressant-like effects." [...] DHEA treatment for six weeks was associated with improvement in both primary outcome measures compared with both baseline (P DHEA Augmentation Improves Schizophrenic Symptoms Feb.One of the things that they have learned, is that success takes years of continuous effort.Empirical measures of the success of such programs often have been disappointing; in their words, the initial efforts "often produce only meagre results." The Open the Doors website lists some of the specific misconceptions that contribute to stigma: On the same page, they list strategies for combating stigma.Here is the quote: It was hijacker Mohammed Atta who notified Binalsibh after Moussaoui''s capture in a coded telephone message, "two sticks, a dash, and a cake with a stick down", meaning that the fateful day would be September 11. That was in 2001, and this is 2006, so perhaps that is one of those mildly interesting but unimportant details.