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Learning how to deal or manage your boss is a significant and transferable skill, and will indefinitely decide how far you progress.While I wouldn’t go so far as to say that all bosses in the world fall only into these 5 categories, but if yours does, I have suggestions on how you can stay in the organization.He gave her orders with no thought for her feelings or how others were reacting to his behavior.If he did not get his own way, he would often pout or withhold needed finances from her.He would often relate in an insulting, "get in your face" way using a loud, intimidating voice that frightened her.She often felt like a little girl who was being scolded.While you may not be able to eliminate the problems associates with working with a bully, your own behavior and strategies can make a difference. Sixty-four year old Bill was a married retired executive who sought anger management help on the insistence of his wife Ann.After 24 years Ann could no longer tolerate his bullying behavior toward her, their children, and their friends.

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In dealing with difficult personalities within a team, face the fact that you will not win in a debate with this person. Negative Nelly thrives on when he/she can say the following words: I TOLD YOU SO, or, THAT WON’T WORK. The best way to deal with this difficult person is to avoid discussing solutions with them.That doesn’t mean that the sales department had it all hunky-dory; it’s also the sales team members who had to bear the brunt of a boss’s wrath.When things don’t go their way, that’s where you come across the real side of the boss.Before facing Goliath, David had to deal with a critic, his own brother Eliab, who said: (1 Samuel , NIV)David ignored this critic because what Eliab said was a lie. Turning his attention back to Goliath, David saw through the giant's taunts.Even as a young shepherd, David understood what it meant to be a servant of God: This can give us confidence to endure when our own resources are low.As this case illustrates, emotional bullying occurs when someone tries to gain control by making others feel angry or afraid.